NFT Assets


Tanks are the toughest Mechs in the Universe. They have high armor and toughness values. They will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives to protect allied Mechs.

Attackers are sleek and agile combat Mechs that deliver powerful melee attacks and deal high amounts of single-target damage. Their resistance value is extremely low, however, their high Damage output and Armor values more than makeup for it.

The Ranger Mechs are true killing machines. They are the largest Mechs, usually positioned in the back lines in order to best utilize their powerful long-range Cannon attacks that can deal a lot of area damage.​

Healers are agile Mechs who specialize in Repairing and Healing allied mechs. They also use a wide variety of abilities to Disable Enemy Mechs and lower their stats.



NFTs s that you can equip your Mech with to boost its stats. Gear pieces can be obtained through Gameplay or by opening Chests.


Pilots are inhabitants of the universe, Junk Dealers, Heroes, and Mercenaries of different Races and they are a differentiating factor when it comes to customizing your Mechs. Different Pilot Race will endow your Mechs with different combat strategies and synergies allowing players to approach combat in different ways.

Each Pilot will provide your Mech with a unique new active or passive ability. Pilots can also be upgraded and can be obtained from Chests or the Marketplace.


Lands are Planets that can be terraformed and colonized to create Alliance Bases, Obtain Resources, and Research Powerful upgrades for the Alliance members.

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