Mech Titans is a Free-to-Play game featuring 5v5 turn-based Mech battles with the goal of conquering the Galaxy by utilizing NFT Mechs, Pilots, and Planets.

Strategically set up your Team and pair up certain classes of Mechs and Pilots to execute combinations of Special Moves and Destroy your Enemies.

Obtain and forge powerful Mechs, progress through the story, and defeat the Dark Lords.

Forge your own unique NFT Mechs and fight in special arenas for spectacular rewards.

Join an existing alliance, or create your own by terraforming a planet and developing a base and use it to obtain powerful upgrades for your existing Mechs, or gather resources to forge entirely new ones.

Upgrade your Mechs: Increase their level and rank to grow their strength. Assign Pilots to gain special stats and new combat abilities. Procure and equip powerful relics/artifacts.

Full free-to-play experience with more than 30 Mechs.

Mechs, Pilots, Gear, and Relics can be obtained in the game for free or by opening chests which can be acquired through IAP. NFT versions will also be available.

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