Growth Model

Mech Titans aims to acquire users by utilizing different marketing strategies:

KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) marketing

We aim to partner up with KOL with massive followings as well as other high-profile influencers within the Crypto and Gaming space.

SEM and Paid Ads

We will run targeted ads on social media to attract new users and sell our NFTs. Our aim is to attract as many new users as possible from Twitter and other social media platforms.


Social Airdrop campaigns will be launched in order to incentivize our community at the start of the project.

Press releases

We are working with a media agency and will distribute our press releases through the most prominent targeted media.

Community & Referrals

Mech Titans is a community-centered game, and as such, its growth lever will be the virality generated by early adopters. We aim to encourage virality by offering Tokens to users who refer the game to new players.

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