Mech Titans

Official Mech Titans Whitepaper v. Alpha, last update July 2022

Mech Titans is a free-to-play turn-based RPG that has players pit their Mechs against each other in turn-based combat, with the goal of uncovering the mysteries of the Galaxy, overthrowing the Dark Lords, and becoming the master of the Universe.

Mech Titans is Free to Play, but players can also use fiat money to obtain virtual goods with fiat money to accelerate their progression. Players can also purchase NFTs with the $METI token and own various game assets such as Mechs, Pilots, Parts, and Planets. Once converted to NFTs, players will be able to trade them freely in the game's Marketplace.



Recruit and forge powerful Mechs both in-game and on the blockchain to save the Galaxy. Assemble your squad and expand your rule across the universe.


Fight in turn-based battles across multiple different Game Modes, gain experience, acquire Mech pieces, Tokens, NTFs, and make your name known across all corners of the universe.


Level up your Mech and its abilities. By using tokens and Mech fragments, you can upgrade your on-chain Mech, equip them with powerful gear and assign them unique Pilots.​


Platform: PC and mobile Genre: Role-playing Game (RPG)


  • Multiple game modes

  • Flexible models of monetization

  • NFT-based game that encourages active engagement

  • Exponential growth as a result of utilizing different Lands, Pilots & Mechs


PvE Modes: Advance through the story, obtain tokens, and farm resources to upgrade your Mechs.

PVP Modes: Fight in the Arena and compete with other players to receive tokens and NFTs in the seasonal rankings.

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